About us

Who we are

We are two designers with humble beginnings and grand ambitions.

Lindström Design was founded by Tobias and Anna Lindström in 2017. The journey started in their student years when Tobias would make accessories for Anna for birthdays and Christmas.

He would make something simple made by hand, such as wood carvings with nice stones, wooden shapes, or aluminium threads in nice shapes. After their studies, both Anna and Tobias started learning digital design. Seeing the interest of friends and family, the idea was hatched to start a jewelry brand.

The road was not easy. We had to struggle with two kids, full-time jobs, and long hours of commuting.

But, after a lot of hard work and dedication, Lindström Design was born.

Our products

We design and develop all of our products.

We then partner with trusted manufacturers to produce them.

Some of our products are made by Shapeways. They work with supply-on-demand manufacturing, which means that items are produced after being sold. This constitutes a modern revolution in manufacturing enabled by 3D printing, which traditionally relies on mass production and expensive-to-calibrate machines. We believe that this is the long-term future of manufacturing, and of the jewelry industry.

This modern way still means that we have the full responsibility for the quality of our products, relation to our customers, and management of refunds and returns.

We have a money back guarantee.

Our values

We believe in a society where people are free to pursue their own goals and ambitions.

Where each person is able to decide what to do with his/her life, and is not needlessly forced to perform meaningless work every day. We believe in creating a society in which improvements in productive technologies are used to reduce the necessary work we people have to perform, so that we are able to spend more time with our families, and more time on self-fulfillment.

We believe that people who work in a democratic enterprise are less likely to harm their communities, the environment, and the globe. They will think twice before installing polluting technologies, and think three times before moving their production to other countries. We therefore believe that establishing democratic companies is a key step in creating a world with less pollution, corruption and exploitation.

In accordance with our believes we are a democratic enterprise. Each member of Lindström Design has an equal vote on how the company is run.  
By partnering with us or buying our products you support democratic enterprising, and the global transformation into a more sustainable society.


Our partners

We collaborate with Shapeways for manufacturing and fulfillment. We also partner with Åsa Keim over at tolta.se in designing and marketing horse-related pendants in the Swedish market.

Legal Information

Legal name: Lindström Design Ekonomisk förening

HQ address: Korsgatan 12G, 443 75 Vårgårda, Sweden

Organisation number: 769635-4070

Contact: contact@lindstrom-design.com